CW Morse Code Training

About Me

My name is Tommy Clemmensen and I am born in 1967. I got my first licens in 1994 and my
12 wpm cw in 2001. I live in Nyborg in Denmark on the Irland fyn. I have a FT857d and a 10m longwire for antenna. I am living by my self in an apartment on the 3th floor.

I am interessed in computer programing and is also trying to learn the languages esperanto. I am a before pensionist.

My callsign is OZ1THC.

I have made this online morse code training so there is basic and advanced training. You can choose the Basic code 5 groupes letters and numbers or you can choose english words with 2-13 letters.

In the qso choosemode you can train qso's and choose the answers from a combobox.
In qso writingmode you have to write in the answers in a textbox.
You will be able to check your answers in qsomode.

You can set the wpm from 10 to 30 wpm.

I hope you will enjoy the site.
The site is made in asp and with C# and JavaScript.
I am new to asp and but I have codes some windows applications in C#.